The introduction of the HI-FI EXPERIENCE concept was only possible due to the involvement with the audio world, dedication and expertise of its mastermind.

Guilherme Petrochi was born in 1981, cadenced by the good music listened by his dad, a lover and owner of hi-fi gear. Since his childhood he always had incentive and liberty to modify the system’s connections and even the equipments’ circuitry. The interest in electronics combined with the audio passion was then awakened.

In the adolescence he played in a pop-rock band and besides the contact with several instruments he discovered the world of professional audio and recording studios. Once in São Paulo, during a college strike, he took advantage of the period to work as a PA operator trainee at the São Paulo Cultural Centre.

The graduation at the São Paulo Technology College was accomplished through the project and development of a single-ended hi-fi valve amplifier. This work received an award and honorable mention at the Scientific and Technological Initiation Symposium of the 9th congress from FATEC-SP. The project was developed in the company he worked at that time, the Gramophone Eletrônica, one of the most traditional Brazilian distributors of High-End audio products. Once in the distributor Vision Acoustics, he joined his audio/video knowledge with acoustic and home automation projects.

The daily contact with several High-End audio equipments, the love for music and the in-depth studies of architectural acoustics and audio engineering, conducted him to a unique direction: The creation of the HI-FI EXPERIENCE; with products, projects and services to audiophiles, recording/mastering studios and to every place or situation where acoustic conditioning or audio quality enhancement is desired.