Silver I balanced interconnect cable  

The Silver I connects your system with incredible neutrality and provides a detailed, precise and uncolored reproduction.

The Silver I is a flexible and strong balanced interconnect cable. The central pair of Teflon® insulated high purity silver conductors are tightly twisted together and covered by a cotton layer, intended to improve the cable’s flexibility. A polyolefin interlayer provides mechanical strength and reduces the conductors-screen capacitance. The screen, which protects the central conductors against electrostatic interferences, is covered by another set of cotton/polyolefin layer. The clear Techflex finish, besides protecting the cable, makes easier its handling between another cables already installed on the system.

Cable type: Balanced - shielded twisted pair
Conductor: High purity solid core silver wire (>99.99%)
Diameter (AWG / mm): 22 / 0,644
Resistance (20 °C): 0.0487 Ohms/m
Capacitance (conductor-conductor): 68pF/m
Dielectric: FEP Teflon

With balanced connection, the tightly twisting of the central conductors (Hot and Cold), rarely seen on industrialized cables, optimizes the CMRR (Common-Mode Rejection Ratio) of the connection, since it equalizes the incidence of interferences at the central conductors, allowing the balanced input to cancel these interferences efficiently.

With unbalanced connection, the Hot conductor transmits the audio signal and the Cold one connects the equipments’ Grounds, providing an equal quality return path for the signal. The Screen, which is connected to only one end of the cable, shields the central conductors against external interferences.